Why hearing aids require real ear analysis

First of all, we have to figure out what is true ear analysis. Simply speaking, everything that is acoustically measured on the ear can be called real ear analysis.

It is refined into the field of hearing aids, in particular the acoustic measurement of the intervention gain at the position of the child’s ear near the tympanic membrane. By measuring the data, we can more objectively understand whether the sound compensated by the hearing aid can meet the child’s hearing requirements: whether the bass can be heard, whether the midrange is comfortable, and whether it is difficult to make a loud voice. At the same time, according to the test data, the parameters of the hearing aid are accurately debugged to achieve the best hearing aid effect.

In other words, in the child’s test hearing aid, the real ear analysis exists as accurate data support, which can be said to be the best partner of the hearing aid, perfect match! You saidReal ear analysisDo you want to do it?

But in fact, few parents know that there is such a real ear analysis. The reason is that in China, not every hearing aid fitting center has a real ear analyzer. If you buy a real ear analyzer, you can open a store. So, so. . . you know.

Therefore, Xiao Bian reminds you that if you bring your child to a hearing aid, and the result is that there is no real ear analyzer in this store, I suggest you go quickly, there is no need to do it in this store.

Real ear analyzer

The child is unclear

You must know the understanding of the sound, the child will not express it at all, the older child is often unclear, because the initial contact with clear sound, so we can only passReal ear analysisTell us the answer.

Solve small problems

Children’s hearing aids often have a variety of small problems, such as earplugs, poor sound quality, screaming and so on. They can detect the “root cause” through a real ear test. Therefore, true ear analysis can be tested and debugged “for symptoms”.

Providing possible early rehabilitation

The language of the child is formed in1To3Between the ages. Many deaf children are mainly due to the late diagnosis and correction of deafness, so we have always emphasized early intervention. Accurate detection of children’s hearing, choosing the right hearing aid is the premise and key to deafness.

So when I say so much, I still don’t want to do a real ear analysis for my children. I don’t think I have to.

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