Benefits of wearing a hearing aid in both ears

Many binaural hearing patients will only choose to wear a single ear when choosing a hearing aid.Binaural wearIt is more conducive to the hearing health of hearing patients. Here is a small series to explainBinaural hearing aidThe six benefits.

Benefits of wearing a hearing aid with both ears

1. Enhance the sense of direction and three-dimensionality
It is what we call sound source localization. The human ear is a sound source with a strong sound source positioning function. During the air transfer process, there will be changes in energy and speed. If the hearing loss and the threshold are asymmetrical, the sound source cannot be determined. Direction, soBinaural hearing aidIt is helpful for the positioning of the sound source.

2. Improve the resolution of speech in complex environments
Popularly speaking, it is the noise reduction function. Do you say that you have a good noise reduction in one ear or a noise reduction in both ears?

3. Improve the loudness of the sound
This should be better understood, just like you cover one ear and two ears and use one effect.

4. Eliminate head shadow effect
If the hearing loss of a patient’s ears is asymmetrical, when the sound comes from the direction of the ear with poor hearing, the ear with the better hearing will be directed toward the sound source. This is the head shadow effect. However, wearing a hearing aid with both ears is just to avoid this phenomenon.

5. Avoid hearing deprivation
Hearing deprivation refers to the long-term compensation of one ear for patients with bilateral symmetrical hearing loss, and the speech recognition rate of uncompensated ear will progressively decrease with time. Therefore, wearing a hearing aid with both ears can also prevent this from happening.

6. Shorten the adaptation period of wearing hearing aids
Usually the adaptation period for wearing a hearing aid needs1-3
In the case of a month, and you are wearing a hearing aid with both ears, the adaptation period will be shorter.

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