How long does the hearing aid have to adapt, and what are the skills?

Many people who come to buy hearing aids will have a problem with the hearing aids. It will be uncomfortable. Our answer here is: Of course. Because after we wore a hearing aid, because the ear has not heard the sound for a long time or the sound is very light, it is naturally uncomfortable to suddenly hear a clear sound. How long does this adaptation period last? What are the skills?

Adaptive hearing aid

First of all, it is normal for us to wear a hearing aid. It is normal to feel dizzy. You can choose to wear it first.1To2When you feel dizzy, pick it up. Don’t wear it hard for the pursuit of results.

I can wear it every day after a few days.2To3Hours, while learning to concentrate on listening to the sound you want to hear, and picking out the sound from the background sound, such as going to school to listen to some音乐Or sound.

Then, after a while, you can wear it every day.4To6Hours, go to the market or in a more noisy environment to communicate with others, learn to look at the lips and identify what others are saying.

In the end, if you adapt to it, you can wear it all day. In addition to washing and sleeping, go to the noisy environment and exercise your recognition of the sound. At the same time, record any dissatisfaction in your hearing aid every day. You can re-commission. a bit.

The time for each person to adapt to the hearing aid is not the same. This depends on the hearing loss. Generally speaking, the smaller the hearing loss, the shorter the hearing loss time, the younger the age, the shorter the adaptation time, and there is no fixed time. Value, so don’t let others say that he will adapt to it in a month. Why do I have to worry about it after a month and a half? Slowly, adapt slowly according to my own situation.

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