The difference between the hearing aid of the 200 block and the hearing aid of the 20000 block

There are many kinds of hearing aids on the market, and the prices are different. From a few hundred yuan to several tens of thousands of people, then some people have asked about hearing aids. What are the differences between hundreds and tens of thousands?

We will also meet some customers in the store. When we see the back of the ear, we say that this is what I bought in the market.200Like the hearing aids coming to the block, the effect is very poor, the noise is dying, not buying or buying. When I finished, I wanted to leave. In fact, the hearing aid is not directly related to the effect, whether it is the price or the shape. The poor hearing aid can be said to be a loudspeaker. When the sound is amplified, the noise is also amplified simultaneously, so that the customer is very noisy. Good hearing aids can finely adjust the frequency response and comfort, and have great noise processing. At the same time, we also know that the more channels the hearing aids are, the better the effect is naturally. Of course, the price increases as the number of channels increases.

Hearing aid channel difference

However, here to remind some white, it is true that the more channels, the better, but the channel here refers to the adjustable channel, otherwise it is meaningless, such as people and you say yes13Channel, the result is only7The channel is adjustable, it can only be regarded as7Channel, remember this and prevent being fooled.

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