Can someone else’s hearing aid be worn?

One day, an old man asked me a question and said: “The hearing aids used by relatives didn’t want it, and gave it to me. Can the hearing aids given by others be worn?” So today I will tell you whether you can wear other people’s hearing aids. .

Hearing aids can’t be worn casually, depending on the individual’s hearing. Everyone’s hearing situation is different, and the appropriate hearing aids are different. If you wear a hearing aid that is not suitable for you, it will affect your hearing, and it may fall even worse. The ear can be tested first. Check to see if it meets your hearing loss condition. If it can be used after adjusting the data, the ear machine belongs to the custom machine and can not be worn casually.

Ear hearings should be equipped with hearing aids as early as possible, just as eye myopia should be worn as soon as possible. Most patients with ear loss are sensorineural hearing loss, which is an auditory neuropathy. Only when the hearing aid is selected in time to stimulate the auditory nerve to respond, can the auditory function be maintained. It is worth noting that some people wear helpers that are not suitable for them. For example, 300 degrees of myopia wearing 500 degree myopia is harmful and unhelpful.

The same is true for hearing aids. Some users only focus on expanding the sound, regardless of the nature of their own ear damage. Different earphones have different sensitivity to sound, and the sound quality problems that hearing aids have to deal with are different. . Therefore, hearing aids need to be fitted, and it is a more detailed and complex fitting than the glasses. Appropriate quality qualified hearing aids that have been properly fitted should be worn. The same level of hearing loss, people with high language resolution will have a good hearing aid effect. The sooner the hearing aid is diagnosed as permanent hearing loss, the better the hearing aid is. It is not only the problem of hearing loss, but the biggest factor is that the patient’s ability to understand speech is much better. The better this understanding, the better the effect of wearing a hearing aid, and the shorter the time it takes to adapt. If the same is moderate to severe hearing loss, the hearing aid effect of patients with conductive ear loss is better than that of patients with sensorineural ear damage. Therefore, the quality of residual hearing is an important indicator for measuring the effectiveness of hearing aids. Residual hearing includes whether there is re-vibration, auditory resolving power, etc. In actual wear, the greatest impact on the hearing aid effect is the degree of hearing loss of the user. For moderate and moderate-weight, the hearing aid can compensate; if the hearing loss is too serious, Or the loss of time is too long, the hearing aid can do nothing.

The recognition and understanding of language is the advanced processing function of the brain. It does not depend on the auditory organs in a broad sense. Many advanced instruments cannot replace the brain. Therefore, patients with hearing loss must choose a hearing aid in time, and after a strict professional fitting, can not wear other people’s hearing aids.

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