Inner ear care for hearing health tips

The ear is a very important organ in the human physiological system, including the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. Any part of the ear is damaged, which may cause hearing impairment, which will greatly affect the work, life and spirit of the patient. Or even lifelong pain.

Therefore, it is of great significance to pay attention to the health of the ear, to understand the common sense of hearing health, to prevent the occurrence of ear disease and to maintain normal hearing.

In the first two periods, we talked about the little knowledge about the outer ear and middle ear health.

In this issue, let’s talk about the inner ear health knowledge.

There is no effective treatment for sensorineural deafness caused by inner ear, auditory nerve or auditory nerve central lesions. It is only possible to take preventive measures, do a good job of inner ear care, control the occurrence of deafness, and delay the development of deafness.


Prevents acoustically debilitating deafness.

For workers engaged in various blasting operations such as mining, construction, etc., workers engaged in continuous noise stimulation work should prevent knocking cockroaches and usually wear protective equipment such as earplugs and protective caps. In case of injury, you should go to the hospital for appropriate treatment. Prevention of noise deafness is very important once treatment is very difficult.

Prevention of acoustic injury deafness


Prevent drug-induced deafness.

There are nearly one hundred known ototoxic drugs, and those commonly used are:

1.Aminoglycoside antibiotics: streptomycin, gentamicin, kanamycin, small nomycin, neomycin, tobramycin, lincomycin, and the like.

2.Non-aminoglycoside antibiotics: chloramphenicol, zirconia, erythromycin, vancomycin, capreomycin, chunremycin, riudomycin, paromomycin, nitridin, polymyxinBand so on.

3.Salicylate: aspirin, phenacetin,APC, Bao Taisong and so on.

4.Diuretics: furosemide, diuretic acid, mercury satari, etc.

5.Antitumor drugs: cisplatin, nitrogen mustard, bleomycin, methotrexate, vincristine,2– Nitroimidazole, cisplatin, and the like.

6.Macrolide antibiotics (erythromycin, etc.)

7.Chinese medicine: aconitine, heavy metal salt (mercury, lead, arsenic, etc.)

8.Anti-heparin preparation (Paulablin), bismuth preparation (reaction stop)

9.Others: quinine, chloroquine, propranolol, scorpion, insulin, iodine, chlorhexidine, etc.


Prevent barometric inner ear damage.

Acute changes in air pressure caused by cannons, explosions, and diving can cause damage to the inner ear. Workers in environments with rapid changes in air pressure must use ear protectors or other appropriate protective equipment to predetermine damage to the inner ear.


Prevent senile deafness.

Although senile sputum is physiologically aging, age aging is not the main factor in the pathogenesis. Dietary factors, environmental factors, senile diseases such as Sangao, and the abuse of ototoxic drugs can accelerate the deterioration of senile deafness.

To scientific diet, reasonable nutrition; contact with tobacco and alcohol; pay attention to work and rest, maintain optimism, participate in social activities, interact with others, maintain a relaxed and happy attitude, often participate in the physical exercise of the ability; often massage the ear Acupoints; regular hearing tests, etc.

Prevention of senile deafness


Conduct prenatal diagnosis of hereditary deafness and reduce the incidence of hereditary deafness.


Do a good job in hearing screening for newborns.

Do a good job in newborn hearing screening


Prevent infectious deafness.

Such as meningitis, JE, measles, chickenpox, scarlet fever or mumps. Timely anti-infection and symptomatic treatment.


Pay attention to your child’s hearing development.

Parents should always pay attention to the development of hearing during the growth of children.

Pay attention to your child's hearing development


Avoid the effects of harmful factors in daily life. .

Such as noise, trauma, ototoxic drugs, bad ear habits.


Children with hearing impairment should have early diagnosis and early intervention.

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