How much is the price of the behind-the-ear hearing aid?

Most hearing patients now choose to use hearing aids because hearing aids are tools that help hearing patients improve their hearing impairments to help them communicate with others. Currently mainly on the marketBehind hearing aidAnd ear-type hearing aids, we will talk about it today.Behind hearing aidAdvantages and prices.

First of all, the most concerned about the price issue, the price of the ear-back hearing aid is from a few hundred yuan to several tens of thousands of dollars, mainly depending on your own hearing loss and family status, in general, the more expensive the hearing aid performance, the better The more you have, the more comfortable you are, but if your hearing loss is not serious, you only need to improve it a bit, and you don’t have to choose a 10,000-dollar hearing aid unless you are a big brother, when I don’t say .

Then aboutBehind hearing aidThe advantage of the behind-the-ear hearing aid is the hearing aid that hangs behind the ear. The ratio of fitting in our Chinese ear-back hearing aid and in-ear hearing aid is about2:1Left and right, it is precisely because of its many advantages, such as the box-type hearing aids and in-ear hearing aids are more convenient to wear, easy to boot, battery replacement is also easy, this is not particularly flexible for the elderly, is undoubtedly A gospel hearing aid, and the eardrum and the body of the ear-behind machine are separated, which is also convenient for cleaning and maintenance. The ear-back machine also has an audio input setting, which can be directly connected to the audio device to avoid interference from outside noise.

Ear back machineIn terms of power design, it can also be made larger, and the function can be set more comprehensively. At the same time, it is more likely to produce a sense of direction when worn with both ears. Many hearing patients who wear in-ear hearing aids have reflected this type of machine. The concealment is very strong, but the feeling of blocking the ear is more serious, and the ear-back type is not so serious for the ear-in-the-ear.

In the end, it is necessary to emphasize that what kind of hearing aids are purchased depends on their own circumstances. They cannot be purchased indiscriminately and then worn at random. They must go to a professional fitting center for fitting.

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