Can you also make a call with a hearing aid?

Can I make a phone call after wearing a hearing aid? Calling a hearing impaired person is a very important issue, because the phone has become an important communication tool that people can’t live without in their daily lives.

Hearing impairments below 70dB, there is no problem in calling after hearing aids; for hearing loss greater than 80dB, you have to make a phone call, in addition to special equipment, there must be a specific training process.

Most of the behind-the-ear hearing aids have a “T” file that is specifically designed to make calls. For specific use, please pay attention to three points: 1 Turn the switch of the behind-the-ear hearing aid to the “T” position (the latest all-digital hearing aid can be switched automatically). 2 Turn the volume switch of the behind-the-ear hearing aid up (or set the volume when you call on the full digital hearing aid computer program)Got higher). 3 Attach the handset of the phone to the case of the behind-the-ear hearing aid. You can hear the sound on the phone after training a few times.

Calling with an ear canal hearing aid should be trained to find a suitable location so that the hearing aid does not whistle (you can also install a coil for a call) and hear the sound. Of course, if the hearing loss is greater than 90dB, it is difficult to make a good call with an in-ear hearing aid (ITE), and a deep ear canal hearing aid (CIC) is used.The phone effect is better.

If the hearing loss is less than 80dB, if you have difficulty hearing the hearing aid, you can solve it at the Hearing Technology Service Center.

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