Care for hearing, prevent deafness, start with you and me

What is deafness?

Refers to different degrees of hearing loss caused by qualitative or functional lesions in the auditory pathway generator, collectively referred to as deafness. It is generally believed that the average hearing threshold is25dBThe above is called hearing loss.

Human ear structure

Causes and influencing factors of deafness

Hereditary factors: Both parents and one family have a deafness gene, which may cause hearing problems in future generations.

Infectious factors: Meningitis, mumps, measles, rubella, etc. may cause a sharp decline in hearing.

Drug factors: abuse of aminoglycoside antibiotics, such as: streptomycin, gentamicin, kanamycin and other causes of hearing loss.

Various hearing diseases: such as Meniere’s disease, auditory neuropathy, and ear sclerosis are all associated with hearing loss.

Bad living habits: Long-term use of headphones, very little exercise, poor eating habits, etc. are likely to cause hearing loss problems.


Speaking, making phone calls, etc. can’t be heard and affect daily life communication.

Car sounds, whistling sounds, etc. can not be heard to affect personal safety issues.

Music sounds and TV sounds do not affect the quality of life.

I can hear and hear clearly, and I need to repeat it.

It’s too loud to hear, loud and too noisy, and it is easy to create contradictions.

The following dry goods are coming.

Pick up a small book

How to prevent deafness and hearing loss?

Prevent trauma and frostbite in the auricle

In cold weather, especially in outdoor activities, wear cotton or wool earmuffs. If it has been frostbittened, remember not to use a hot water bottle or a hot towel for rapid temperature rise. Apply a clean palm of your hand to gently massage the auricle, and avoid using a forceful poke to prevent auricle necrosis. If frostbite has already occurred, it can be applied with a frostbite cream. If there is ulcer or necrosis, antibiotics can be used to prevent infection.

Correct bad habits

The presence of sputum in the human ear canal is a normal physiological phenomenon, and a small amount of sputum sputum will be discharged by vibration and jaw movement. Do not dig ears often, otherwise it will cause damage to the wall of the ear canal. Especially in the elderly, the elasticity and toughness of the auricle are reduced, and the sputum is easy to concentrate and harden. If it is not noticed, it will damage the external auditory canal. The right way: If the ear is itchy, use cotton dipped75%Alcohol wipe, not only itching can be sterilized; if it is strong, it should be cleaned up in a regular hospital with special tools. If it becomes hard, it should be softened with a syrup.

Do a good job in nasal health and train the correct nose

The middle ear includes the tympanic cavity, eustachian tube, sinus sinus, and mastoid. The Eustachian tube is the only ventilation tube that communicates the tympanic cavity and the nasopharyngeal cavity. When the person swallows and rubs the nose, the eustachian tube will open instantly. If bacteria or virus enters the middle ear through the eustachian tube, it will cause otitis media and cause hearing loss. If the nose is blocked, available0.5%Ephedrine saline nasal drops. The correct method of rubbing nose: use your fingers to block one side of the nostrils first, and the other side of the nasal secretions, and then press the other side. Do not pinch the left and right nostrils at the same time, otherwise nasal secretions may enter the middle ear and cause otitis media.

Try not to listen to headphones or turn down the volume

You can use it without using headphones in daily life. If you have to use it, you can’t use it for more than an hour and the volume can’t be too large. Generally, it should not exceed60dBIt is appropriate. It is best not to listen to buses, trains, and airplanes, because the vehicles themselves have noise. If you use headphones at this time, you must adjust the sound very loudly. If the volume is too large, it will cause damage to the ears.

Using hearing protection equipment

The active noise canceling earphone can be used in the vehicle, and its function is to generate a reverberation sound wave equal to the external noise through the noise reduction system, and cancel the noise, thereby achieving the effect of noise reduction.

Pay attention to the influence of instrument noise

For example, the sounds of instruments such as cymbals and erhus can produce very good music, but if you immerse them for a long time and the sound is too strong, it will cause damage to the ears.

Seek medical attention in time to protect hearing health

Sometimes sudden deafness is caused by problems such as stress and nervousness. At this time, you should seek medical advice promptly. If it is delayed, there is a possibility of permanent hearing loss. In addition, when we feel that there are symptoms such as tinnitus, ear nausea, tinnitus, earache, etc., we should see a doctor in time.

Use hearing monitoring software

To prevent hearing loss, you can download mobile phone hearing APPIt allows people to monitor their hearing at any time. This kind of software can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet, and it is very convenient to monitor the hearing through the mobile phone and improve the level of national flood control.

Develop good habits

Exercise regularly, eat more fruits and vegetables, less oil and salt, maintain a good mood, often do ear exercises (click to jump to ear health exercises), try to go too noisy environment.


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