Ears squeak, may be ear strokes

Hangzhou has a Mr. Wang this year27Years old, usually work pressure is relatively large, the business is relatively busy, the last two days I feel that my hearing has dropped a lot, the ears are still squeaking, the result went to the hospital to check thatSudden deafness. In fact, this condition has appeared in many young people in today’s society.

In medicine, the ear stroke is sudden deafness. The cause of the disease is unknown. It may be excessive fatigue, excessive stress, or excessive anxiety, staying up late and insomnia, etc. In addition to other basic diseases and long-term noise environment. Has a certain relationship with this disease.

Causes of sudden deafness

Sudden deafnessThe attack time is usually in an instant3Within a day of the attack, the patient may have been fine the night before, and wake up the next day.

At the same time, you must know the harm. Many people think that it is a sudden, no big deal. After a while, some people do not pay attention to this condition. The hearing loss is a minor illness for their cognition. Coupled with the busy work, no time and other reasons to evade, the result missed the best treatment time.

ActuallySudden deafnessIf it is not treated in time, it will cause irreversible damage, and the possibility of restoring hearing will naturally be greatly reduced. The sooner the treatment, the easier it is to recover.

Prevent sudden deafness

In normal times, we still need to know how toPrevent sudden deafness

For example, you can’t wear headphones for a long timeKtv, bars, etc., when you are under stress, you should work and relax to understand how to relax. You don’t feel tired, but your body organs are tired. It is best to have a hearing test for half a year to one year to ensure that your ears have internal functions. normal.

Finally, remember: If you have such similar symptoms, please go to the doctor for treatment, pay attention to and protect your hearing!

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