Deafness, tinnitus, food supplement

We have said beforeDeafness and tinnitusThe hazards and prevention methods, which are roughly and simply talked about the need to eat zinc, iron and calcium foods for deaf patients, so today we will talk in detail about which foods can be improved.Deafness and tinnitus呢。

The first thing to bear is that the intake of fat must be reduced. Many diseases in humans are caused by excessive intake of fat. When a large amount of fat is ingested, blood lipids will increase, blood viscosity will be too high, and blood circulation disorders will occur. Eventually, it leads to a lack of nutrients in the auditory nerve, resulting in tinnitus.

Fried food

Then eat less pickled foods. These kinds of foods are too salty. Although they are delicious, they should eat less for health.

Then there are sugar cakes, high-sugar cakes, breads, desserts, etc. Don’t eat too much.

These are the above3Classes are eaten as little as possible, remembering that there is less oil, less salt and less sugar in life.

Next, talk about eating for us.Deafness and tinnitusBeneficial food

The first is the zinc-iron-calcium-rich foods mentioned before, such as black fungus, milk, kelp, sesame seeds, melon seeds, almonds, seaweed soybeans, etc. Here, let alone milk, milk can be said to be a human babysitter, milk is almost Enriched with all the known vitamins, it is a versatile drink.

Vitamin-rich food

Secondly, eat more fruits and vegetables, which are rich in vitamins and protein. From a young age, your mom and dad should have taught you that eating fruits and vegetables has no harm.

Of course, it is just a type of eating. The most important thing is to maintain your ears in your daily life. Prevention is still very important.

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