How much is the hearing aid purchased online?

Now the e-commerce industry is so developed, a certain treasure, a certain East is almost everyone knows, when we want to buy things, the first reaction is online, online shopping. There are also some hearing patients who choose to buy hearing aids online, but how much does it cost to buy a hearing aid online?

The mobile phone opens a certain treasure, and some East searches for hearing aids. From a few hundred to tens of thousands of pieces, the brand is also a bells and whistles. Have you heard of it, are you reliable?

How much does it cost to buy a hearing aid online?

Here I will come to a unified answer: it is really not reliable.

The reason is as follows. The hearing aid belongs to a special product that needs to be fitted by a professional fitter. You can not buy one on the other. This is the same as buying glasses. If you go to the optical shop to buy glasses, you should also have optometry. The same is true for hearing aids, not to mention that hearing is more complicated than vision, and the fitting is more elaborate. The regular hearing aid is equivalent to a microcomputer, has its own operating platform, unique operating system, and calculates the correct compensation curve for the customer’s hearing loss. To the greatest extent to meet the hearing needs of customers.

The second is the after-sales problem. After the purchase of this product, the hearing aid is just beginning. The after-sales problem, the debugging of the hearing aid, the maintenance and so on are all very important. You can buy these services without online service. If the hearing aid is broken, you can go. Where to fix? Can only go to the store to repair, but these places are expensive or pay-per-view, and if you go to the store to buy these items, he will promise you a free warranty for a certain period of time.

Although buying in a physical store is indeed more expensive than online, but it needs to consider the cost of labor, store rents, the other things are not the same?

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