Deafness, tinnitus, exercise

Many people think that deafness and tinnitus are diseases that only the elderly can suffer. However, this is not the case. Nowadays, more and more young people are caused by various reasons such as work pressure, life pressure, long-term noise environment, irregular diet, etc. Deafness and tinnitus.

Here I will teach you a set of ear care techniques that can be used for daily ear care, and it is also very effective in preventing and relieving deafness and tinnitus.

Ear exercises

1. Auricle
The palm of your hands is facing the auricle, clockwise20Down, then counterclockwise20Under, the speed should not be too fast, about one second, every morning and evening3Group, do not use too much force when shaking, it is appropriate to congestion and redness in both ears.

2. Pinch screen
Maybe some people don’t know where the tragus is, here I put a picture

Deafness, tinnitus, exercise

Pinch with a good index finger, both ears can be performed at the same time, each pinch20To30Once, once or twice, you can pinch the amp

3. Pine auricle
Put your hands on the auricle, then gently press down, then let go, repeat doing3To5Minutes, twice in the morning and evening, remember to ask for action, don’t be too rude.

4. Twist the ears
Insert your index finger into the outer ear hole and turn it back and forth20To30Second, the force is even, the speed is not too fast, otherwise it will damage the inner ear skin. This step is not easy to carry out at the same time, and should be alternately left and right.

5. Latina
This action may be done alternately, left hand and right auricle, right hand to the left auricle, when pulling, the hand should go from the top of the head, do not go from under the chin, pull the upper part of the auricle, left and right hands20You can do it twice.

This set of ear exercises needs to be done every day, the effect will inevitably appear, deafness and tinnitus are intractable diseases, more difficult to treat, need the close cooperation of patients and doctors, and pay more attention to daily maintenance, learn to work and rest,dietMostly light, vitamin-rich foods. Patients who do not have deafness and tinnitus should also pay attention to prevention. Finally, I wish the deaf and tinnitus patients a speedy recovery.

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