Binaural hearing aid

In order to effectively exploit the advantages of a bilateral hearing aid, there must be a reasonable adjustment period for the use of a bilateral hearing aid. For those who have just used a bilateral hearing aid, they should undergo a listening training phase in order to take full advantage of the speech comprehension and sound localization provided by the bilateral hearing aids. During the adjustment period, patients should learn how to properly adjust the gain of each hearing aid to improve potential hearing perception.

The need for an adjustment period has led to debates about whether dual hearing aids should be selected at the same time. Proponents believe that since patients can get the most benefit from bilateral hearing aids, they should learn to use and adjust the bilateral hearing aids at the beginning of the wear. Opponents believe that the first-time user is adjusting the unilateral hearing aid fashion and wants a process. The second hearing aid should be selected after the first adjustment. This view is contrary to the actual experience, because when the second hearing aid is adjusted, the gain of each hearing aid can be reduced by the cumulative effect of the sound perception of the bilateral hearing aids in the brain center. Therefore, the user often needs to reduce the gain of the adjusted first hearing aid. This re-adjustment, although reducing the gain of each hearing aid by only 6dB, is enough to cause a change in the sound quality of the sound, it is not reasonable to adjust one by one.

The choice of bilateral hearing aids should also take into account the actual needs of the patient. If patients often face situations that require binaural hearing, such as business meetings, family gatherings, and school teaching, they should choose a double-sided hearing aid without hesitation.

In short, the main purpose of using a bilateral hearing aid is to help restore binaural hearing, and should be equipped with hearing aids in pairs.

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