Don’t forget to practice your ear while dancing in the square!

Left three circles, right three circles

Twisted neck, buttocks twisted

Get up early and go to bed early, let’s do exercise

Shaking hands, shaking your feet

Diligently take a deep breath

Grandfather singing and dancing

You are not old

I believe that everyone can’t help but scream, haha, this song pulls us back to the 1990s, when there was the concept of “I exercise, healthier.”

Nowadays, everyone pays more attention to their own health. Going to the park and the square, all of them are aunts and sportsmen.

Square dance

Square dance jumps up~

However, while exercising, don’t forget the maintenance of your ears. Keep practicing your ear exercises every day. It can promote blood circulation in your ears, relieve hearing fatigue, and delay the hearing loss of middle-aged and elderly people.

Come and do exercises with Miss Sister


Ear and ear method: stick out your hands, index finger, middle finger, thumb and auricle, from top to bottom2minute. Light and heavy, it is better to use the slight heat of the ear.

Ear method


Pulling the ear method: the right hand akimbo, sticking out the index finger and thumb of the left hand, clamping the tip of the ear with force, pulling up5Times, pulling the auricle out5Times, pinch the earlobe down5Time, each time1-2
Relax your fingers again in seconds. Then change the left hand to the akimbo and the right hand to the ear, the same way.

Pull method


Shake the ear method: Extend your hands, thumb and index finger to pinch the middle of the ear, and shake the ear clockwise and counterclockwise for two minutes.

Shake method


Lap method: Extend your hands and fold your ears up and down10Times.

Lattice method


Point ear method: stick out your hands, the left and right index fingers go deep into the left and right ear canal, turn3Down, then lightly press and quickly pull out, repeat10Times.

Ear method


Ear-pressing method: Extend your hands, press your ears with your hands, suddenly release, repeat10Times.

Ear pressure method


Mingtian drum: Extend your hands, press your ears back toward your back, and put your forefingers on the middle finger, and quickly hit the back of your head.30Times.

Note: When doing ear exercises, be sure to trim the nails in advance, paying attention to the soft movement to prevent damage to the soft tissues and tympanic membrane of the ear.

For some patients who have been diagnosed with senile convulsions, it is impossible to recover lost hearing, but we can use technology products: hearing aids or cochlear implants to protect and utilize residual hearing to achieve patient listening needs.

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