What is the invisible hearing aid, how much is it?

Many people who haven’t seen invisible hearing aids think that they can be as transparent as a movie with a button. Hahaha, of course not. The “invisibility” here is actually a big quote.

Invisible hearing aidIt is a newly developed in-ear hearing aid in recent years, which is smaller than the smallest complete ear canal hearing aid in the past.20% ~ 30%In the hearing aids, it is also a high-end product. Of course, the price is definitely more expensive.

Invisible hearing aid

Invisible hearing aidThe advantage is also more, the most intuitive is small, after wearing it from the side of the ear90The position of the degree is completely invisible, and it is not easy to fall off during the wearing process, and it is very convenient to wear.

At the same time, the scope of invisible hearing aids is also very wide, regardless of whether you have moderate or severe hearing loss patients can use, andInvisible hearing aidNo need to debug, you can wear it directly after purchase.

Secondly, regarding the operation, the operation of the invisible hearing aid is very convenient, no manual operation is required, and only the correct way is needed.Invisible hearing aidIt can be placed in the ear canal area, and it is easy to wear and take off in daily life.

Invisible hearing aid

Invisible hearing aidThere is also a strong noise reduction function, which can automatically reduce noise and automatically adapt to the environment.

Finally, on the price side, how much is the price of invisible hearing aids? I believe many people will care about this problem. Invisible hearing aids, manufacturers are generally priced.15000Starting, because the performance problem price will naturally be high, the marketInvisible hearing aid priceAbout15000To40000The appearance will be subject to certain changes depending on the pricing of each store.

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