Where can I buy hearing aids?

When we have hearing loss, we usually choose to seek medical care and buy a hearing aid. Then we want toBuy a hearing aidWhere can I go to buy it?

In general, there are four main places where hearing aids, hearing aid stores, hearing aid fitting centers, online and some pharmacies will be sold. Next, we will mainly talk about the characteristics of these four places.

Hearing aid purchase

The first is the hearing aid store. As the name suggests, the store sells a brand of hearing aids. This is both his advantage and his shortcomings. He only sells a hearing aid brand, style, and stock, and the brand’s hearing aids must be More abundant, but if the customer is not satisfied with the brand, then they can only change home.

Then there is the hearing aid fitting center. This place is the same as the specialty store with a professional fitter. The brand is naturally different from the store, which will give customers more choices. The basic fitting center They will sell the six major brands in the world, and customers who purchase hearing aids in this place can repair, repair and maintain them for free for a certain period of time.

Secondly, online, online purchase is my least recommended, but many people choose online shopping for cheap, but have you ever thought that the hearing aids purchased online can not only guarantee whether it is genuine or not, but more importantly, it cannot guarantee after-sales, if you use hearing aids After a month, it broke down, what should I do? You can only go to the store to repair, this price you have thought about, and, the hearing aid wear is a professional fit, wearing a hearing aid that does not match the hearing loss will only lead to increased hearing damage, can not protect the residual hearing.

Buy a hearing aid at a low price

Finally, pharmacies, pharmacies or mainly sell drugs, there is no professional fitter, hearing aids generally only sell box-type hearing aids and simple behind-the-ear hearing aids, style and brand selectivity are limited. ,

In fact, in summary, the comparison is already very obvious, it is recommended to go to the hearing aid fitting center.Buy a hearing aidOf course, if you are a brand of loyalty powder, you can also go to the brand’s hearing aid store to buy.

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