What is knocking deafness?

Today is here for everyone, what is it?Knock deafness.

This term is actually not very audible, but it was very extensive during the war years. The shocking deafness, also known as intermittent impulse noise damage, is simply explained by the pulse generated by the bullet or bomb explosion, which is caused by the shock wave plus the sound. The inner ear is damaged, causing hearing loss.

Knock deafnessAt the same time of hearing loss, often accompanied by tinnitus, headache, dizziness and other symptoms, and if the tympanic membrane has broken, there may be a small amount of ear canal bleeding, if infected, may cause otitis media.

If you have any kind of medical treatment in time, do not drop the medicine indiscriminately. Ensure that the ear canal is dry and not ingested. In patients with acute hearing impairment, stop the noise exposure as soon as possible and carry out medical treatment. If the tympanic membrane is perforated,3To6In the course of a month, if there is no self-healing, repair surgery should be carried out in time.

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