Can I wear a hearing aid on rainy days?

Today’s hearing aids have nano-coating technology, dustproof and waterproof functions. It can be worn on rainy days, as long as it is not deliberately wet. If you accidentally get rain, please open the door in time to remove the battery and wipe it with a clean soft cloth. Once this happens, it is advisable to send it to the fitting center for professional maintenance and maintenance.

It is not recommended to wear hearing aids on rainy days, because hearing aids are afraid of getting wet and getting into the water. Although the dustproof and waterproof level of hearing aids is already very high, it is not recommended to wear hearing aids if the rain is heavy. Of course, if there is light rain, and It is no problem to wear the door occasionally when you wear an umbrella. If you wear it after drying, there is no problem. If you wear a custom machine with deep ear canal, just make sure that there is no water in your ear. Not very big, it can be worn on rainy days. I hope that my reply is helpful.

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