What is the normal range of hearing?

In this issue, I will write an article on popular science, about the scope of our normal hearing.

People who have no problem with hearing will not feel difficult in their daily life. Some people on the Internet rumor that the normal hearing range is five meters. However, this sentence is incorrect, not rigorous, and has no scientific basis. I just want to make an analogy. For example, we are the same distance from a Boeing airplane and a car. Then we can only hear the sound of the aircraft engine and can’t hear the sound of the car engine, so this is not possible according to the distance. Judging.

Normal people’s hearing range is0To25Decibel, volume analogy10Decibel quiet room, rustling of leaves,13The sound of the decibel bulb,15Decibel, the sound of a needle falling,20Decibel quiet night, softly whispered,30The sound of talking in the ear of the decibel,40The sound of the decibel refrigerator,50The sound of the office of the decibel,60The sound of the decibel washing machine, normal speech,70The decibel is on the road in the downtown area.80On the way to the decibel car,90The sound of the decibel motorcycle start,100The noise of the decibel drill,110DecibelOK,bar,120The decibel plane takes off,150Decibel rocket missile sound.

Below is a picture:

Hearing range map

Therefore, we usually stay away from noise. After a long time, the ear will naturally cause damage and many injuries are irreversible. If you have discovered that you have hearing loss, please seek medical advice as soon as possible, wear hearing aids as early as possible to protect residual hearing and avoid further hearing. decline.

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