What are the factors that cause our hearing loss?

When we have problems with hearing, we usually choose to seek medical treatment. Before the examination, the doctor will definitely ask you if you have not done anything to hurt your ears before. What are the factors that cause our hearing loss?

1. Long-term noise environment
For example, for a long time in a very noisy construction site, long-term wear of headphones, etc., especially nowadays young people are full of headphones with people on the road. I have a friend. When I was waiting for the bus with him, I saw him plugged in. The headset then silently turned up the volume. Can you imagine it? On the bus stop on such a noisy road, I can actually hear the Yangko in his headphones. This is different from the outside, I and He didn’t take care of him. When he took the headset off, I asked, “Don’t you feel like a brother, he just returned my sentence.” . . The most terrible thing is this kind of sound that is very big but not self-aware.


2. Various diseases
Many diseases can cause hearing loss, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, diabetes, etc. The most common is otitis media. The otitis media usually has more symptoms in spring and winter. It is characterized by fluid in the middle ear cavity, sinusitis, tonsillitis, and adenoids. Inflammation and the like can also cause otitis media. There are many cases in the clinic. After removing the hypertrophic and recurrent tonsils of the child, the cold is less, and the otitis media with recurrent episodes is also good.

Otitis media

3. Unhealthy diet
Eating unhealthy, can you be healthy? Many diseases are eaten by ourselves. Usually, you should eat fried pickled foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, these vitamin-rich foods, smoke and alcohol should be quit, and you can’t stop. You also need to drink less and drink less. These two things can not cause too much disease.

healthy eating

4. over stressed
In today’s fast-paced society, there are not many young people with excessive pressure. Students have academic pressure. Working dogs are working under pressure. Married people have mortgage pressure. If you encounter a difficult boss, you are on your head every day. Pressing you, we usually have to work and rest. When you get off work, let yourself relax and relax. Those who are bald at a young age should not be too much.
over stressed

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