Various factors that cause otitis media

In life, many friends have suffered from otitis media because of various factors. The incidence of children is higher than that of adults. Children have otitis media. Parents are also very headaches. What factors can cause otitis media? What?

1. 感冒
The general common cold or throat infection can cause otitis media. The inflammation of the pharyngeal nose will cause congestion in the eustachian tube infection, causing the bacteria to invade the middle ear and cause otitis media.

2. Swim
Whenever summer, many people choose to swim for the summer, and we are now swimming in the swimming pool. Once inside, it is a thick smell of disinfectant water. At the same time, there are so many people in the pool, it seems that the water is still full. Clear, but actually dirty to die, not only disinfectant, there are many people peeing in the pool, these things flow into the ear to cause otitis media, so after swimming out, take a cotton swab to absorb the moisture in the ear.

3. Fatigue and lack of sleep
Sleeping badly, fatigue can cause too many diseases, lack of sleep can lead to lower body immune function and lead to otitis media, not to mention otitis media, many other diseases will find you because of lack of sleep. So keep your sleep every day.
Lack of sleep

4. The nose is not standardized
Yes, the irregular nose blowing can also cause otitis media, which contains a lot of viruses and bacteria.,If both sides of the nostrils are pinched,,Then the pressure forces the nose to squeeze out into the posterior nasal orifice,Arriving at the eustachian tube causes otitis media. So the correct method should be to separate the two sides, and not too hard.
Blowing nose

5. 抽烟
In fact, this does not need me to say that the long-term smoking of people will not be less. I can only say that I can quit and quit. I can’t stop the old smoker for myself and for the family.

6. Long-term with headphones
Long-term listening to songs with headphones and the sound of this big decibel can also cause chronic otitis media, which may cause deafness.
Wearing headphones

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