Precautions for child hearing aid fitting

At present, the incidence of hearing impairment in children in China is still very high. Most parents of this disease will choose to wear hearing aids for their children. In fact, the fitting process between children and adults is basically the same, but children have a common problem: they Active, will not take the initiative to cooperate with the fitter.

So here we talk about the attention of children with hearing aids.

The first is to ask the parent’s guardian’s child’s medical history and treatment status before the child is fitted. Many diseases are related to hearing loss.

Then the ear is routinely examined to see if there is a lesion.

In addition, according to the situation of the child’s external auditory canal, he is allowed to do the audiometry. After the end of the audiometry, the hearing aid needs to be accurately matched according to the hearing degree of the child.

Child hearing aid fitting

Months should be changed twice a month;

Month, should3Change once a month;

Month, should6Change once a month;

Year old, every9Change once a month or a year.

For the style selected by the hearing aid, the child recommends the use of a behind-the-ear hearing aid, which has the advantages of easy wearing and sound output.

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