What should I do if my ears are in the worm?

What should I do if my ears are in the worm?

In the summer, it is the season of mosquitoes, I believe that some people have experienced the feeling of insects entering the ear canal, the taste can be uncomfortable, the key is also worried that the insects hurt their own ear canal tympanic membrane, then if the insects enter the ears What should I do in the house? Is there any way to take out the bug?

First of all, remember that you can’t use your fingers to go to the sputum, and you will only let the bugs get frightened and disturb the tympanic membrane of the ear canal.

Insect into the ear

1. Shake method
The head squats to one side, and some small bugs will fall out due to gravity. If you shake it for half a minute, you will not be able to shake it out, and avoid the insects catching the ear canal premature infection.

2. Lamp method
Most of the insects are phototaxis, especially the small flying insects such as moths. It is very effective to use a flashlight to illuminate the ear canal and let the small insects fly along the light. This method is very effective, but for crustaceans. The insects are basically ineffective.

Lamp method

3. Drip method
Take5To6Drop the edible oil into the ear canal, sit and wait5After a minute, tilt the head to pour the worms together with the cooking oil, then use a cotton swab to dry the cooking oil, then wash the ear canal with warm water.

Drip method

4. Smoke method
Find an old buddy, let him smoke a cigarette and then spit in the ear canal. The insect will naturally crawl out when stimulated by smoke.

Smoke method

If the above methods are not working, go to the hospital as soon as possible, don’t slap your ears and ruin your ears, so you won’t lose it.

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