Suffering from the precursor of deafness

deafTinnitus is an intractable disease. However, many people do not attach great importance to this disease, especially some elderly people. They feel that deafness is inaudible, and they still hold the idea of ​​not being bored. In fact, the harm of deafness is very Big, because you can’t hear from your family, you can talk less, usually speaking, you can raise the volume, talk in a quarrel, and usually walk on the road, and you will get an accident because you can’t hear the horn of the car.

Then we must know now that we are sufferinga precursor to deafnessThere are those.

The most significant signal is tinnitus and dizziness. When you feel that you already have tinnitus and dizziness, you should pay attention. Don’t worry about it anymore. Some people think that it is temporary, but it doesn’t matter. However, this kind of thinking hurts you, don’t have luck. In this case, I will go to the doctor for a diagnosis and check my hearing.

Secondly, the hearing is gradually declining. Generally, unless there is sudden deafness, no one will wait until he is completely paralyzed to go to the doctor. Therefore, the patients who are clinically seldom say that they cannot hear, and most of them say that they cannot hear clearly. For those who wait until the whole time to go to the doctor. . . I can only say that you should check the brains by the way. The so-called inaudible in the patient’s mouth is what we are talking about.Hearing lossThe loss of hearing is also a very important precursor to deafness, which means that you should intervene!

a precursor to deafness

Then it is often repeated for the other party. When we face-to-face communication, the patients who are about to be deaf will have asked the other person to repeat what he just said. When they call, they also ask the other party to say the sound, and gradually the volume of their own speech. It has also increased, even if it is a little difficult to talk at a distance of one meter. What is worth mentioning is that some patients have to communicate with women more easily than with men, but the other part is just the opposite.

Insufficient energy is also one of them. Many patients can’t listen to others, so they can concentrate their attention on conversations with others. They want to hear what others are saying, so that they often don’t pay attention to other things. Over time. This has led to the phenomenon of lack of concentration.

These points are the precursors of our risk of deafness. When we feel these phenomena, we should promptly intervene and get medical treatment as soon as possible. The sooner the treatment is, the more likely it is to recover. If someone around you has this Like a phenomenon, hurry to remind him that others are stalking him.

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