Often tinnitus, it should be noted

tinnitusIt is a difficult disease, and the cause is complicated. The main manifestation is that there is often a sound in the ear. Long-term tinnitus not only damages your hearing health, but also causes troubles in life, work, and study.

This is not, one of Hangzhou21The old college student Xiao Wang (a pseudonym) is because he alreadytinnitusAfter a month, I didn’t have a good rest this month, my grades have dropped a lot, my skin has gone bad, and I have no spirit every day.


Came to the hospital to do an examination of the otolaryngology directortinnitusIt is not an independent disease, but a symptom accompanying many diseases. Many people think that tinnitus is a bird’s voice on the side of the ear, and the insects scream. It doesn’t matter completely, but long-term tinnitus is going to happen. The patient’s physical and mental health causes great harm. Tinnitus can lead to insomnia, inattention, emotional anxiety, nervousness, etc., and bad emotions can aggravate the symptoms of tinnitus, causing a cycle of evil seeking, so psychological factors in the onset of tinnitus The process has a great impact.


Tinnitus is generally more complicated, it can be single or both ears, and some people are persistent.tinnitusSome people are intermittent, some patients with tinnitus will accompany this hearing loss, while others are normal hearing, but one thing, tinnitus does not increase the hearing loss.

In the medical diagnosis, we must first understand the patient’s medical history, conduct an ear and systemic examination, and then perform audiological examinations, such as pure tone audiometry, acoustic impedance measurement and loudness matching test.

The sooner the tinnitus is treated, the more likely it is to recover. Early3To6Months are an important period of treatment, and drugs can be used to reduce tinnitus such as vasodilators, calcium antagonists, tinnitus inhibitors, and palliativetinnitusAffect drugs and neurotrophic drugs.


At the same time, during the treatment of tinnitus, psychological counseling is also very important, according totinnitusThe cause of the disease, eliminate the patient’s concerns, let the patient try to eliminate the psychological reaction caused by tinnitus, eliminate negative emotions, and let the patient have confidence that the tinnitus treatment can be successful.

Finally, there must be some control over the diet, we must reduce the intake of fat. The total daily intake of fat in middle-aged people should be controlled to40Gram, eat less animal-derived, fat, cream, egg yolk, caviar, fried foods and other fat-rich foods.

Foods that eat more zinc, iron and calcium.

If we find that we have tinnitus and need to intervene in time for treatment, we must not delay.

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