Hearing has dropped, must you wear a hearing aid?

Hearing has dropped, must you wear a hearing aid?

In this fast-developing, technology-stricken society, more and more young people are experiencing a decline in their hearing because of various pressures and bad habits. Are there always a few times around you to repeat each other?1.2遍。

Hearing loss is not a problem in many people’s eyes. It feels like a minor problem, but in fact long-term hearing loss can lead to deafness and tinnitus.

There are many reasons for the loss of hearing loss, which may result in excessive ear mites, damage to the tympanic membrane, which may cause hearing loss, or otitis media, including work stress, excessive fatigue, excessive noise environment, adverse drug reactions, etc., which may cause hearing loss. .

So, after hearing loss, do we need to wear a hearing aid? The answer is yes.

Hearing loss

Long-term lack of treatment for hearing loss can cause a series of problems. I have been an epidemiological assistant scientist at Bloomberg College. Jennifer A.Deal PhD and her colleaguesReed More and more detailed relevant data is disclosed. The report states: Compared with people with normal hearing,10Mid-year, every100Among those who are not hearing aids,3.2People suffering from dementia, higher than the normal group50%Incidence rate;3.6A person falls and is injured, which is higher than the normal group.30%;6.9People suffer from depression, which is higher than the normal group40%.

A foreign institution gave an average of higher medical expenses for an elderly person who did not wear a hearing aid than a normal-aged peer.46%.

Therefore, we should not think that hearing loss is a small problem, can drag and drop, can not wear a hearing aid without wearing, many people do not choose to wear hearing aids is not a problem of money, but feels not good, not beautiful, but now many in-ear style Hearing aids are invisible, almost invisible to others, and there is no need to worry about this. Many data show that hearing loss is long-term non-intervention, and the harm caused by non-treatment is much more serious than imagined.

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