What about congenital deafness?

Deafness is the most common birth defect in humans. In normal newborns, the incidence of bilateral deafness is approximately 1‰-3‰. Parents must not be taken lightly, to early detection of early childhood hearing impairment, early diagnosis and early intervention.

Young parents should pay special attention to newborn hearing screening. It refers to the rapid preliminary test of hearing by the hearing screening technicians in the obstetrics during each hospitalization of the newborn baby. Generally, only 5-10 minutes is required. It is enough, very convenient and effective. Newborns who passed the initial test indicated that their hearing function was basically normal, while those who did not pass required a second examination within 42 days after birth. If it still does not pass, it is necessary to go to the Hearing Diagnostic Center for further examination before the infant 3 months of age to determine whether there is real hearing impairment and the extent and nature of the hearing impairment.

Parents should never give up treatment once they have determined that their hearing is impaired. There are still many ways to treat hearing impairment in children. Parents can provide hearing aids for their children in the hospital, which is more professional. I also want to remind parents of the things that need to be paid attention to during the process of fitting a hearing aid.

The first is to conduct an accurate assessment of hearing impairment under the guidance of an expert, including medical assessment, auditory physiology testing, and behavioral auditory assessment. When the evaluation results of the three are the same, it is necessary to prepare the hearing aid for the child as soon as possible so as not to delay the treatment.

The second is to pay attention to the debugging after the hearing aid fitting. After the hearing aid fitting, children can get good results, the most important thing is debugging. The accuracy of the test results during the commissioning process is gradually accurate with the age of the child, and requires careful observation and close cooperation between the parents and the fitter to achieve the best hearing aid effect. Other details to be aware of are the use of soft eardrums in the choice of eardrum, and regular replacement of the eardrum.

For some patients with severe or severe deafness, the hearing aid 3-6 has no effect after months, and cochlear implant is the best choice. The cochlear implant technique is to implant an artificially manufactured electronic hearing device into the patient’s cochlea to replace the cochlear function and directly stimulate the auditory nerve fibers in the cochlea. This technology has revolutionized the future of deaf children. In general, children with prelingual deafness should undergo surgery before the age of 8, especially before 3 (who has experience with hearing aids). Cochlear implants are surgically placed in the body. Therefore, you must complete a series of physical examinations according to your doctor’s advice before surgery. Since the child after the implantation of the cochlear implant feels a brand new signal, he must re-learn and understand the correspondence between these new sensory signals and the external voice and language, so after the operation, the child needs to come to the hospital regularly. To carry out the debugging of the speech processor, we must also actively cooperate with the hospital to do the appropriate listening and speech rehabilitation training.

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