Why are hearing aids affected by batteries and sometimes when there is no sound?

In life, when the hearing aid battery voltage being used is lower than0.93VAt this time, the protection voltage is active, the machine stops working in a silent state, and when we turn the battery compartment open to view the machine and close it again, there is a sound again. What is the reason?


This is because most of our hearing aid batteries are zinc-vacuum batteries. The zinc-air battery uses oxygen in the air as the positive electrode material. When the machine stops working in a silent state, the battery that is no longer powered will have a short-term recovery. Machines that are already protected must also be restarted to work.

Hearing aid battery

This makes the machine that is closed again in the battery compartment sound again, but the battery that has been in this critical state has a very short use time. This “illusion” mistakenly makes us think that the machine has a problem and the battery is good, so it causes There is an illusion that sometimes there is no sound.

Hearing aid battery

The digital line has a set reference voltage inside the machine.0.93V(also called protection voltage), why set the reference voltage? Its main function is to avoid the loss of machine components in the low voltage state and the customer misunderstanding that may be caused by the incomplete sound due to the loss of the original data stored in the hearing aid and the insufficient voltage.

Hearing aid battery

The dampness of the machine leads to high power consumption, so that the hearing aids that are used for a short period of time are in a low voltage state, driving a chain reaction that protects the voltage, and the machine needs to be repaired and thoroughly dried.

Hearing aid battery

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