Parts that affect the price of hearing aids – chips

One of the things that many hearing patients who have been exposed to hearing aids complain about is thatHearing aid priceWhy is it so expensive?

In fact, the hearing aids are expensive on the chip, and the hearing aid chips on our Chinese market are all imported.

A hearing aid is simply a small device that reasonably amplifies the sound. The hearing aid basically consists of three parts: a receiver, a microphone and a chip. Many insiders have revealedHearing aid priceThe reason why there is such a big gap depends on the chip of the hearing aid.

At present, the well-known hearing aid brands are the six international brands, the European and American hearing aid manufacturers represented by Danish Resound, Swiss Sharp, German Siemens, and American Stark. These hearing aids occupy nearly China.90%Market share. And the rest10%The domestic hearing aids around are still struggling to survive.

So why are good hearing aids so much more expensive than reading glasses? That’s because the early development costs of hearing aids are really high. Mi Wang, chairman of Beijing Myerston, who owns the intellectual property rights of domestic hearing aids, disclosed that although it has intellectual property rights, the two chips used in hearing aids are all imported, and the market price.120US dollar, equivalent to RMB800Yuan, increased the cost and price.

Hearing aid chip

Many people have bought the most expensive hearing aids, but the effect is not satisfactory. In fact, although you are buying the most expensive, but the more expensive the price, the better the effect, you need to buy the most suitable for you.

What kind of hearing aids should be selected according to the patient’s hearing loss, degree, and then according to the patient’s requirements to expand other functions, and secondly, you have to adapt to hearing aids, hearing aids also have an adaptation period, basically15 ~ 30Around the day, depending on the situation of each person, time will be shortened or increased.

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