How to protect the hearing of infants and young children

The cause of hearing loss is complicated, but at least half of itHearing lossIt can be prevented. Pre-marital genetic counseling; good personal habits of pregnant women; strengthening pregnancy and perinatal care, so that the fetus avoids contact with adverse factors; active treatment of neonatal diseases and other work is an important part of preventing hearing loss.

How can parents help them protect their hearing before they even understand it?

Protect infant hearing

First, parents should understand when the baby is bornHearing lossClosely related factors. Infants with these high risk factors should be3Before the age of each6Receive a hearing monitor once a month. Family history of deafness;Intrauterine infection (such as cytomegalovirus, rubella, toxoplasma, syphilis, etc.);Craniofacial deformity;Premature or very low birth weight (weight is less than1500Gram), severe neonatal asphyxia, severe jaundice;Maternal abuse drugs (such as gentamicin) and alcohol, maternal diabetes;Chromosomal abnormalities, as well as some syndromes associated with sensorineural or conductive deafness. In addition, some babies are born without hearing loss, but hearing loss may also occur due to various acquired factors such as infections (such as meningitis, mumps), trauma and the use of ototoxic drugs. Due to serious illness, some babies may live in the neonatal intensive care unit for a long time and may have delayed or progressive hearing loss.

Protect infant hearing

Some hereditary hearing loss can also occur during infancy or adolescence. Therefore, during the growth and development of the baby, parents should pay attention to avoid the damage of the above factors, and pay close attention to the baby’s hearing and speech development, and seek medical advice on suspicious hearing problems.

How do parents teach them to protect their hearing after they become sensible?

Parents should remind their children to pay attention to ear hygiene, especiallymp3When listening to music, continuous time should not exceed1Hours, the volume should not be too large;The second is to listen to the concert, it is best to put the earbuds near the speaker.;Be careful when cleaning the external auditory canal. When you have more sputum, it is best to go to the hospital for treatment. If there is water or pus in the external auditory canal, please seek medical attention immediately.;Use ototoxic drugs such as gentamicin cautiously.

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