Which is better for the hearing aid brand?

Jinghao medical Hearing has been engaged in the professional matching of hearing aids for 20 for the rest of the year. Many customers ask the same question at the outset: What brand of hearing aid is good? We always patiently explain to customers over and over again. To this end, the Jinghao medical Hearing Expert Group answered this question in detail.
The first-line brands of hearing aids include international brands such as Swiss Phonak, Danish Resound, and Danish Oticon. Each brand of hearing aid has its own characteristics, it can be said that each has its own merits.
Swiss Phonak is now the world’s largest manufacturer of hearing aids. The quality of hearing aids is high. Most deaf children (14 children) wear phoenix hearing aids. Resident of Denmark, known as the initiator of the hearing aid industry, has a history of 100 for many years. It is the first international brand to enter China and enjoys a high reputation in China. Denmark’s Oticon also has 100’s many years of history. It has a complete line of hearing products and high-definition hearing aids. Danish only listens to hearing aids from international brands. The price is relatively high and the market share in China is relatively small. Starck in the United States mainly produces custom hearing aids, which are more powerful invisible hearing aids. The Swiss hearing aid is a stable, high quality and cost effective hearing aid brand. Siemens is known for its excellent electrical products, but Siemens is not a manufacturer specializing in the production of hearing aids. Siemens has sold its hearing aid business to Siwanto in 2015. All said that there are no Siemens hearing aids in the world.
The second-line brands of hearing aids include brands such as Ou Shida, Xiamen Xinsheng, and American Lisheng. These hearing aid brands are less well known and the quality is often difficult to compare with first-line brands, and prices are usually relatively cheap.
需要强调的是,助听器是电子产品类别的医疗器械,购买后的初始选择和售后服务具有很强的专业性。每个人都知道应该对眼镜进行专业的视力检查,并且助听器也需要在听力上进行专业检查(包括空气传导,骨传导,语音识别率,不适区域,舒适区等)。然而,匹配助听器的情况远比眼镜复杂。不同频率点(250HZ / 500HZ / 1000HZ / 2000HZ / 4000HZ / 6000HZ / 8000HZ)的人耳听力损失可能不同。现在所有数字助听器都可以通过电脑。微调助听器,在不同频率点进行精确补偿。助听器通常可以使用5 – 8年,在此期间患者的听力可能会发生变化。如果听力发生变化,专业人员需要重新调试助听器以使助听器帮助患者。助听器行业有一种说法:优秀的助听器 – 一半来自助听器,一半来自验配师!
Summarize there are 2 points:
1. The hearing loss and specific requirements of each deaf patient may vary greatly. Each brand of hearing aid has certain differences and characteristics. Discuss which hearing aid brand is best for the patient only if the actual hearing loss and needs of a particular patient are determined. Therefore, when a user configures a hearing aid, the brand is never the focus of the patient’s attention, but the fitter believes that the patient only needs to consider quality, effectiveness and after-sales service.
The professionalism and after-sales level of 2. Hearing aids is especially important. Hearing aids are “optional” rather than “purchased”! Usually choose a professional chain organization with a long history and network integrity, which has a great protection for the distribution of hearing aids.

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