How to protect our hearing in a noisy environment

In today’s society, suffering fromNoise deafnessMore and more patients, many young people have developed such diseases, which is closely related to our lives.

Young people sufferNoise deafnessThe biggest reason is because headphones, wearing headphones for a long time, the volume is high, naturally it is easy to sufferNoise deafness.

Of course, there are still a group of people who are in a noisy environment every day. Because of various reasons such as work and life, they can only stay in that environment for a long time, such as the production workers of machinery factories, aircraft guides, etc. I have to face noise work. How do people protect their hearing?

Noise deafness

In fact, we can go online to buy a pair of noise reduction earplugs, basically20 ~ 30You can buy it in around yuan. There are many different shapes of earplugs, and the function is naturally different. For example, foam earplugs can be reduced.30dbThe left and right noise is the most suitable for noise prevention. The headphone earphone can prevent the sound from entering the ear, and the noise reduction effect is the best. The silicone earplug also has a certain noise reduction function, but the most important thing is waterproof.

Protect hearing

Noise prevention is on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is more important to eat, people who work in this environment or comrades who have problems hearing, barbecue, fried, marinatedDiningEat less, it is best to be able to hold back and eat. If you eat too much, it will cause many diseases, such as deafness, tinnitus, etc. At the same time, we should eat more whole grains, rich in vitamins, protein and other foods, fruits and vegetables can not be slow. .

Of course, in a noise environment like ours, it is possible to suffer at any time.Noise deafnessPeople, it is best to do a hearing test regularly, if you find hearing loss, early intervention, early treatment, early treatment, early recovery, and we also need to wear hearing aids in time to protect our residual hearing, so as to avoid Further damage.

Noise deafness

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