What are the symptoms of early deafness in children?

What are the symptoms of children’s early deafness? I believe that many parents will care about this problem. Deafness has a great impact on children who are still in the growth stage. If the treatment is not good, it will cause great physical and mental health. The damage. Here we will discuss what symptoms will occur in the early stages of children’s deafness.

First, the child will not speak or pronounce ambiguous when he or she speaks, and some will only call simple “dad” and “mother”.

Second, often do not notice that others are greeting you.

Third, you can’t talk to others while reading books, reading newspapers, writing, thinking about problems.

Fourth, face-to-face conversation often snoring or asking the other to repeat, often misunderstanding the other party’s semantics.

5. I am used to leaning my head to one side.(Auricular asymmetry)When listening to someone else’s speech, always listen to the ear or always answer the call with one ear.

Sixth, often close your hands behind your ears, increase the effect of receiving volume.

7. When watching TV or listening to the radio, it is obviously louder than the volume requested by the family.

Children's deafness

Deafness of these diseases, the sooner the intervention is better, if the child’s hearing loss is determined, take action as soon as possible, the earlier the treatment, the better the possibility and effect of recovery.

At present, there are two kinds of treatment methods for hearing loss in the market, one is a cochlear implant, and the other is a hearing aid. The artificial cochlear light requires a few hundred thousand yuan for one product, which is unaffordable for ordinary families. And the price of hearing aids is much cheaper than that of the cochlea, hundreds to tens of thousands, the most expensive is only needed4 ~ 5Ten thousand yuan, many product brand pages, the choice of face is also relatively wide, you can choose according to your own needs.

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