How long does the hearing aid last? How to extend it?

Hearing aids are also a relatively fine class of products. Generally speaking, hearing aids have a long life.5 ~ 8In the year or so, it is mainly determined according to the usage methods and habits of the users on weekdays. If you are well maintained, use a10Year is still not a problem. The opposite2.3It was scrapped in the year.

Hearing aid maintenance

The first is not to lose the hearing aid. The American Hearing Aid Industry Association has a statistics.5%Hearing aid users lose their hearing aids, among which40%The person who is lost will no longer be equipped with a hearing aid. Hearing aids are known to everyone. They are relatively small. Once they are lost, it is impossible to find an estimate. You may go to the barber shop to wash your hair, or suddenly it will rain heavily in the summer. You may lose it on weekdays, so you have to keep it. Well, your own hearing aids, basically taken down, will not be lost in the box given by the original manufacturer, unless you can also lose this box together. . .

Hearing aid life

Hearing aids are electronic products. It is normal for them to malfunction after a period of use. In normal days, maintenance measures should be taken. Waterproof, dustproof, sunscreen and shockproof. If it is to be regularly purchased in a hot and humid season. Maintenance, hearing aids are not a one-off product and require long-term maintenance tracking.

Only the maintenance work of the hearing aid can be extended to extend its life.

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