Summer is coming, be careful not to let your ears get into the water.

In the middle of June, the summer has arrived, the hottest7.8.9Three months is about to come, and the little friends who like to swim will definitely not miss the sport. However, there are some things that need attention when we swim.

We basically choose to go to the swimming pool now. Unlike the rivers in the rivers and the better reservoirs, these places are not only dirty, but also have many uncertain factors.


Our current swimming pool is actually not as clean as you think. Every time I go swimming, I still haven’t got into the water. The smell of a pungent disinfectant is blowing, and it tastes heavy.

When swimming in the water, be careful not to let the water enter our ears. The outer ear canal and middle ear are separated by a tympanic membrane, but the patients with chronic otitis media are different. Most patients with chronic otitis media have perforation of the tympanic membrane. Because this layer of protective film is missing, the dirty swimming pool water enters the middle ear, causing infection and aggravating the condition. And you have to know that there is a lot of urine in the pool. Don’t say that you won’t pee. You won’t mean no one else. Some studies have shown that the average urine composition of our swimming pool is0.01%, that is, a normal pool may have100Bottles of mineral water are so much urine. The last time I was swimming, I found that the speed of a brother on the right side of my slant suddenly slowed down. Then I glanced at the water and found that he had a yellow liquid flowing from his crotch. . . That guy looks like a face.

Swimming pool

The reason why swimming causes otitis media is that swimming is easy to drown. Especially for children, because of urgency or lack of technical mastery, it is easy to get water and learn while learning. As the water is sucked up by the drowning water, the sewage can enter the middle ear cavity through the nasal-nasopharynx-middle ear channel, and the bacteria in the water spread along the eustachian tube to the mucous membrane of the middle ear cavity, resulting in effusion, obstruction, and secretion in the middle ear.(We commonly call the “pus”)It can’t flow out and cause inflammation.

In the end, I still have to say, for the health of you and others, please don’t pee in the pool!

Ear water

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