Conductive deafness

Also known as the sound of 聋. It is a hearing disorder caused by external and middle ear lesions. It is a type of deafness. The way in which external sound waves are transmitted to the inner ear is hampered by the pathological factors of the ear sound system. The ear sound transmission system has an external auditory canal, a tympanic membrane, a hearing bone, a snail window and the like. Therefore, damage to the above-mentioned parts for any reason can cause deafness. Such as external ear canal congenital atresia, paralysis, foreign body, inflammation and tumors; tympanic membrane diseases, such as tympanic membrane rupture, perforation; middle ear malformations, inflammation, trauma and tumors. However, it is more common in otitis media and obstructive lesions of the external auditory canal. Therefore, active prevention and treatment of otitis media is of great significance in preventing deafness. Treatment is mainly for the cause, such as the formation of external or middle ear malformation, the tympanoplasty caused by otitis media.­(This break collection and Baidu Encyclopedia)

Conductive deafness

At the same time, we know that conductive deafness can cause otitis media. Generally, otitis media is divided into chronic and acute. Otitis media can cause tinnitus, and its harm is not small. When we find that we have tinnitus, we need timely Seeking medical treatment, if you don’t treat it for a long time in tinnitus, it will cause many consequences. Tinnitus can lead to lack of sleep and poor mental health, which will cause great harm to our daily life, including physical health.

Therefore, when we find that we have symptoms of tinnitus, we will see you in time and treat them promptly. The sooner we treat, the better the recovery will be.

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