It’s true or false to slap in the face.

Is it true or false to make a slap in the face?

It is true. In fact, there have been similar cases in the past. Some parents have slapped a slap in the face because the children are not obedient. As a result, the child cried and died. The result was taken to the hospital and looked awkward!

Slap in the face

From the perspective of the structure of our ears, the ear canal, tympanic membrane, and cochlea are important for the formation of hearing. When these key parts are injured, serious consequences such as tympanic membrane rupture and hearing loss may occur.

However, when you slap in the face, don’t say it is the ear. The whole head will cause great vibration. When the palm is in contact with the ear, it will produce a kind of pressure. When this pressure is high, it will break through our tympanic membrane. Causes otitis media or hearing loss.

Some people have to ask the tympanic membrane so easily broken? Really, our tympanic membrane is not as strong as you think, it is a very thin and thin layer, it looks a bit slightly transparent.

At the same time, in patients with large vestibular aqueduct syndrome, a cold or slight vibration of the head may cause deafness, and slapping is more serious.

However, slap in the face is also different from person to person. Some people can hurt if they can do nothing, red, but some people may cause hearing loss or even loss.

Therefore, parents should not slap in the future when educating their children. Hands-on corporal punishment may not only be physical injury but also cause psychological harm to children. If there is a hearing loss after the injury, take the child to the doctor in time, treat as soon as possible, and recover as soon as possible.

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