Why are some people who are oily and deaf? Some people are dry and deaf

we all knowcerumenIt is a yellow secretion secreted by the ear canal. In medicine, the scientific name of deafness is called sputum. The role of deafness is still quite large. It can prevent dust and bacteria from entering our ear canal, and it can also play a role in noise reduction to protect our ears. So why? Some people’s deafness is oily, and some people are dry?


First of all, we have a certain relationship with our work habits. Some people love to be clean. They like to take a bath every day. Then they are easy to get into the ear canal. They have been in a state of ear canal for a long time, so their deafness is also wet.

Secondly, there are personal factors. Some people’s ears are very sensitive, they are easy to be inflamed, and the ear mites are often agglomerated. It is very difficult to clean, so the deafness of these people is generally dry.

Environmental factors can also affect people’s embarrassment. Stay in a humid and humid environment for a long time, and your deafness will naturally become wet. Conversely, in a dry environment for a long time, deafness is also dry.

Another very interesting point is that according to a survey conducted by a foreign institution, among people with oil deafness93%There are still body odors, so most foreigners have body odor, because most of them are apocrine glands, which is why they invented perfume.

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