The rainy season is coming again! Please protect your hearing aid! ! !

Once again, once a year

Time to compare underwear and underwear

Meiyu season,

In addition to competing these,

Don’t forget tooProtect your hearing aids!

What is the rainy season?

It refers to the natural climatic phenomenon of continuous rain or rain in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in China and Taiwan during the month of 6 and 7. Because the time of Meiyu is the maturity of Jiangnan plum, it is called “Meiyu Season”.

The middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River enter the humid and sultry Meiyu season, the air humidity is high and the temperature is high, and the clothes are prone to mold. Similarly,Hearing aidalso needSpecial careOh!

How do you care for your hearing aid during the rainy season?

1 keeps the hearing aid dry every day. Wipe the sweat on the surface of the hearing aid with a soft cotton cloth in time;

2, when not in use, place the hearing aid in a dry box, and the discoloration of the desiccant should be replaced in time;

3, be sure to remove the hearing aid when it rains, wash your hair, and swim. If you accidentally wet the hearing aid, dry it in a timely manner, put it in a dry box or an electronic care box, and do not use fire and high temperature drying.

4, when exercising, do not wear hearing aids or often sweat;

5 keeps the microphone and the sound channel unblocked, and cleans up the dirt and water accumulated in the earplugs or ear mold pipes daily;

6, regularly go to the fitting center for maintenance and dehumidification.


Many users have such a misunderstanding: after going home every day, putting the hearing aid into the dry box can be safe and dry, but in fact, more than ten hours a day, although the water does not directly infiltrate, the moisture has already sneaked into it. Even IP68 waterproof hearing aids are afraid of moisture, because moisture, like air, can seep into all places. Once invaded into the hearing aid, the electronic components are damp.

Therefore, please remember: once you are sweating, raining or in a humid environment, immediately remove the hearing aid and use a paper towel to absorb the water vapor, then go home and dry.

Improper maintenance, consequences

Liquid on the microphone


White crystal of battery leakage


The pole piece is eroded by moisture


The dust guard is clogged with moisture



The plum rain season is coming

The typhoon season and the “hot barbecue season” will also follow

Everyone is ready!

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