How to give hearing aids moisture protection in rainy days

Rainy days are always so annoying, many people don’t like it.雨天Not only is it inconvenient to go out, it is easy to get wet shoes. For those of us, these people go out and stop talking about the bus. They may also encounter a madman-like driver. They drive open and are directly splashed by water.

Hearing aids

Rainy day in this humid environment for those wearingHearing aidHow do hearing patients care for our hearing aids? How do you do moisture protection?

Then the most important thing for us is not to be drenched by rain. Although many hearing aids are now protected against moisture, it has not been good for rain and water. Besides, there are many bacteria in the rain, so don’t be drunk. It is better. On weekdays, look at the weather forecast before going out. If it rains, remember to bring the rain gear. If the wind is not too big, it will not drift into the inside of the ear. If it is out, the sudden rain will be taken off.Hearing aidIf you have a paper towel, it is best to hold a paper towel and put it in the bag to prevent the hearing aid from getting wet.

Hearing aids

In case of accidental dampnessHearing aidIf something goes wrong, dry the surface water stain first, then take out the battery and bring it in time.Hearing aidDehumidify maintenance at the place of purchase.

On weekdays, we also need to do moisture-proof work. When we sleep at night, we open the battery compartment door. After we exercise in the hot summer, we will definitely have sweat, and the sweat will corrode the hearing aid compared with ordinary rainwater. The degree of damage is more serious. Although most of the sweat is water, there is a small amount of salt, urea, fatty acids, etc., and the acid-base component of this is more corrosive to the hearing aid.

记住Hearing aidCarry out a routine moisture-absorbing maintenance every day, and go to the fitting center every month to do a professional vacuum dehumidification maintenance. The life-proof of the hearing aids will naturally increase, and the hearing aids will be better.

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