Will tinnitus disappear by itself?

I saw such a problem when I knew it before.tinnitusWill it disappear by itself?

So before answering this question, we must first know which kinds of tinnitus are divided.tinnitusIt is roughly divided into physiological tinnitus and pathological tinnitus.

What is physiological?tinnitusPhysiological tinnitus is the tinnitus caused by our normal physiological activities. For example, if we hold our ears with our hands, or if the ears are pressed against the pillow, we can hear the squeaking in the ears. This is physiological tinnitus, but let go, Or if you turn around, you are gone. The loudness of physiological tinnitus is generally below the hearing threshold and belongs to “sub-hearing”, which is generally inaudible.

Then pathological tinnitus, this is actually well understood, caused by diseasetinnitusIt is called pathological tinnitus rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis media, eustachian tube problems.


In summary of the physiologicaltinnitusIt will disappear by itself, and pathological tinnitus will not disappear by itself. It needs to be treated by means of treatment and medication.

At the same time we have to understandtinnitusThe harm of many people think that tinnitus is only squeaky in the ear. It is no big deal. However, it is this kind of thinking that the lack of understanding of tinnitus leads to delay in treatment. Some experts have pointed out thattinnitusSometimes it’s not just a symptom, it can be an early sign of a common ear or disease in the province.

If it is short-term, sometimes it is nottinnitus, we can ignore, this is normal, but when we feel that our ears are not comfortable, andtinnitusThe symptoms are more serious, which means that we need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible, and the effect and possibility of recovery as soon as possible is greater.

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