Some reasons for forming tinnitus

There have been surveys showing that almost everyone has had a long or shorttinnitusWith the rapid development of society, the reasons for the formation of tinnitus are also increasing.


For example, congenital reasons, we must put an end to close relatives to marry, so most of the children born with many diseases, such children are more tired, and then mothers should avoid alcohol and tobacco during pregnancy, strengthen nutrition intake, disable Chemicals, stabilize your emotions, etc.

Secondly, pathological tinnitus, this type of tinnitus caused by some diseases in the ear or other parts of the body, such as bleeding, otitis media, hypertension, cardiopulmonary disease.

Psychological emotions are also causedtinnitusIn the long-term psychological state, it is also easy to produce tinnitus.

There is ourPhysiologicaltinnitusMost of these tinnitus are short-lived and belong to normal physiological phenomena. We don’t care too much, and basically disappear in a while.


Usually we must pay attention to stay away from the noise environment, and long-term in these environments will causeHearing loss, produces tinnitus, which can cause deafness.

At the same time, maintaining a good attitude of oneself, often in a state of irritability and anger, will cause the autonomic nerves in the body to lose normal regulation function, causing ischemia, edema and hearing disturbance in the inner ear organs, which will cause hearing loss and deafness and tinnitus. If you have time, you can also massage your ears.

Finally, try not to dig your ears. Our ears have their own cleaning function. Unless the hearing is too big to affect the hearing, you can go to the hospital for a cleanup.

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