The ear feels stuffy, what is the situation?

Ear boring is also known as the occlusion in the ear. In daily life, many of us have the feeling of ear suffocation, just like a cotton pad in the ear, and when I speak, I feel my voice is stuffed in my ear. At the same time, ear nausea is often accompanied by hearing loss and tinnitus.


Ear suffocation may be caused by external ear lesions. When the external auditory canal is swollen and swollen, the external auditory canal can be blocked. Secondly, the eustachian tube lesion can also cause ear suffocation, such as cold, rhinitis, nasal polyps and other diseases. The open mucosa of the side is swollen, the eustachian tube can not be opened, and the tympanic cavity becomes a closed cavity. After a long time, the air inside is absorbed by the mucous membrane, the tympanic chamber becomes negative pressure, and the ear suffocation, and Meniere’s disease also It can cause ear nausea.

When we have a phenomenon of ear suffocation, we should seek medical advice promptly, determine the cause, and then carry out targeted treatment. If necessary, surgery can be performed to prevent the disease from worsening.

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