How to wear headphones to protect your ears

For modern people, headphones have become an essential “equipment.” Leisure, entertainment, and learning are all inseparable from it. Watch a movie while driving, listen to music while running, or use headphones when you are on the phone. Even if we know that long-term wear of headphones will affect the hearing, it will still be unable to withstand the “temptation” of the headphones, and still can not be separated from it.

Wearing headphones

So how to wear headphones can better protect your ears and prevent your hearing from being affected? Let’s take a look!

1Headphones should be selected with good quality, low noise, and freely adjustable volume. Once the sound is too loud, you can adjust it in time:

2Music sound strength is best controlled60Decibel or so, the highest does not cross70Decibel, suitable for feeling comfortable and pleasant;

3The continuous listening time of the headphones is preferably no more than one hour, and rest every hour.15Minutes, the maximum length of the day should not exceed three hours;

4If there is hearing loss in the ear, you should go to the hospital in time to determine the specific cause of hearing loss, and then take effective treatment measures.

Wearing headphones

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