What is the difference between hearing loss and deafness?

Around the world4.66100 million people suffer from disability hearing loss, among them3400Ten thousand is a child.

It is estimated that2050Year will have9More than 100 million people have disabilityHearing loss.

Hearing loss can be caused by heredity, childbirth syndrome, certain infectious diseases, chronic ear infections, taking certain medications, exposure to excessive noise, and aging.

Hearing loss in children60%From a preventable cause.

11Billion young people (aged in12To35Between the ages) facing exposure to noise in the entertainment environmentHearing lossrisks of.

Hearing loss is not addressed, and the annual cost to the world is up to7500One hundred million U.S. dollars. Designed to prevent, identify and processHearing lossThe interventions are cost-effective and can bring great benefits to individuals.

The use of hearing aids, implantation of cochlear implants or assistive devices can help those with hearing loss. They can also benefit from subtitles and sign language and other forms of education and social support.

Hearing loss and deafness

Hearing loss is a decline in hearing ability, anddeafIt is a serious hearing loss.

Noise is a major cause of hearing loss. We want to protect our hearing. We need to stay away from the noise environment, reduce the entertainment noise, prepare for noise prevention, and we need to avoid using ototoxic drugs. When we find that our body is suffering from it. Other diseases can not be neglected. It is necessary to seek medical treatment in time. Some diseases can also cause hearing loss. After taking the disease, you can not take medicine indiscriminately. Many diseases are taken by medicine.

deafThe causes of the disease are more complicated, generally have congenital and acquired factors, and secretory deafness is the main cause of hearing loss in children. Deafness can be generally divided into conductive sputum, sensorineural sputum, mixed sputum and central sputum.

When we found out there wasdeafOr when the phenomenon of hearing loss, you should go to the hospital to let the doctor identify the cause of the disease, and carry out targeted treatment.

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