Hearing has dropped, how can I improve it?

In fact, in today’s society,Hearing lossIt’s already a very common thing. Young people have strengths for a variety of reasons, such as wearing headphones.KtvThese places, bars, or various jobs, families, and learning pressures are no longer a minority.

Hearing loss

Actually nowHearing lossIt is a common phenomenon as the decline in vision. The quality of hearing is related to many factors such as personal habits, environment, medication and so on. So how can we improve our hearing when our hearing declines?

The first thing we have to do is to stay away from the noise environment, to go or not to go.KtvEntertainment, noisy places such as bars, we wear headphones for a long time on weekdays, we should take them off for more than an hour, relax our ears, and the volume of the headphones should not exceed60%If you are a person who has been working in a noisy environment for a long time, we can choose to wear a pair of noise-reducing earplugs to protect our ears.

Noise reduction earplugs

Improper use of certain drugs or chemicals can also cause usHearing loss, causing ototoxic deafness. Especially for infants and the elderly, their detoxification ability is weaker and they are more prone to such phenomena.

Secondly, less ear mites, there are studies to prove that our ears can be discharged by yourself, unless you are really deaf enough to affect your hearing, then you can choose to go to the hospital for a professional doctor to help you clean up, if you eliminate the ear mites If it is done, it may cause damage to the eardrum and cause infection.

On weekdays, we must maintain a good mentality, reduce emotional fluctuations, and take a step back in the sky. Many things, many diseases are “qi” out of ourselves.

Then teach everyone a way to train their own hearing.

在你Hearing lossNow, you must choose a relatively quiet and safe environment to train yourself. Close your eyes, stay quiet, use only the ears to work, use your ears to identify the small sounds around you, and feel and distinguish the difference between each sound.

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