What does the hearing aid fitter do?

Maybe many of my friends don’t know what the hearing aid fitter is doing. Today, let’s take a look at the work of the hearing aid fitter.

From the literal point of view, the nature of the fitter and the optometrist, wearing glasses need to give the eyes optometry, then we wear hearing aids naturally need to give our ears fitting.

Hearing aid fitter

Our main work is as follows:

(1To establish a file and perform a hearing function assessment for a hearing-impaired person who has been diagnosed by a physician and confirmed that the current clinical treatment is ineffective;

(2Explain the results of hearing tests and analyze the hearing impairment status and needs of the hearing impaired and their families;

(3Introduce knowledge about the type, performance and use environment of hearing aids;

(4Develop a hearing amplification program based on the condition of the hearing impairment and the specific needs of the hearing impaired;

(5Take the ear impression mold;

(6Debug the hearing aid and evaluate the hearing aid effect;

(7) conducting hearing rehabilitation guidance;

(8Regular follow-up and evaluation.

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