Does wearing a hearing aid cause hearing loss?

A lot of people wearing hearing aids are very concerned about a question. “Will wearing a hearing aid cause hearing loss?” By consulting a professional fitter and an otologist, the answer is no. But some patients do have hearing loss. What is the cause?

Old man and child

1The hearing loss person has a progressive hearing loss

For example, the typical large vestibule, Meniere or senile deafness, these diseases themselves will make the hearing continue or sudden decline, even if you do not wear hearing aids, hearing will decline.

Wearing a hearing aid

2The hearing loss has a psychological dependence on the hearing aid, and mistakenly believes that the hearing is declining.

Some people who suffered hearing loss suddenly took off after wearing a hearing aid and found that their hearing seemed to drop a lot. In fact, because after listening to the hearing aid for a long time, the brain’s perception of the sound and the threshold of perception have been relatively improved. The brain has become accustomed to listening to these “normal people’s voices” every day, forming a memory of consciousness. So if you suddenly take off the hearing aid at a certain moment, the sound suddenly becomes much smaller. It is a kind of neurological illusion that the brain listens to the sound for a short time, but the listening threshold of the hearing has not changed, but the perception has a short period of error and illusion. . If you do a professional hearing test, you will find that there is no difference between before and after hearing.

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3Hearing aid fitting is not suitable

After wearing the hearing aid, in addition to slowly adapting, but also pay attention to whether there are noises, howling, etc., do not adjust the volume too high, otherwise the time is actually a kind of noise equivalent to the ear, will Causes hearing loss. Therefore, if the hearing aid is not comfortable to wear, it is necessary to go to the store in time to let the fitter re-commission it.

Hearing aid fitting

Usually develop good habits, pay attention to protect your hearing

1Choose a professional fitter and suitable hearing aids to optimize the hearing compensation effect;

2Inform the doctor of his or her hearing and avoid ototoxic drugs when taking the medicine;

3Pay attention to ear hygiene, use less headphones, and avoid prolonged exposure to noisy environments;

4The diet is light, the routine of life and work, to avoid excessive mental stress.

Wearing one can not only help us to hear the sound, make life more convenient, but also maintain a continuous auditory stimulation of the auditory center. Like the brain, the ear is “used in and out.” After adaptation and practice, the language recognition rate and listening ability under noise will also be improved to some extent.

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