What should I pay attention to in the cleaning and maintenance of hot weather hearing aids?

Now6At the end of the month, coming soon7In the hot summer months, on such a hot day, how do we clean and maintain the hearing patients who wear hearing aids?

First of all, we have to remember the maintenance of hearing aids.3Anti-moisture, anti-shock, sunscreen.

The moisture-proof is a big head. Our hearing aids need to be dry for many years and the summer is damp. When we don’t need a hearing aid, we should open its battery door and put it into a dry box. Do not use a drying device such as a hearing aid to bake the hearing aid.

Because of the heat in summer, we sweat more. The damage of sweat to hearing aids is more serious than ordinary water. Although most of the sweat is water, there are salt, urea, fatty acids, etc., which are more serious to the hearing aids.

Hearing aids

At the same time, our hearing aids need to stay away from high temperatures, away from strong sunlight and heat sources, and too high temperatures can easily damage our hearing aids.

Hearing aid sunscreen

Then we avoid falling when moving and put it in our hearing aid box to prevent it from falling on hard objects and avoiding strong impact or impact on the hearing aid.

Finally, we have to go to the fitting center regularly to do a dehumidification maintenance, usually3Do it once a month or so, in a humid environment1 ~ 2Do it once a month to ensure the quality of the hearing aid and extend the life of the hearing aid.

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